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Disclaimer and Terms of Agreement
This is a legal agreement between you and ABQ Speed Dating Events (abqspeeddatingevents.com.)  By using the ABQ Speed Dating Events website, requesting information, and participating in ABQ Speed Dating Events functions, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement.  If you do not agree, then you may not use the ABQ Speed Dating Events website, request event information, nor participate in its events.  At any time, this Agreement is subject to change by ABQ Speed Dating Events (abqspeeddatingevents.com).
ABQ Speed Dating Events (abqspeeddatingevents.com) is not a matchmaking service.  Our goal is to help single professionals meet one another in a fun, comfortable and safe setting.ABQ Speed Dating Events or our website abqspeeddatingevents.com does not make any independent investigation of any participant or verify any personal information on its participants, such as age, marital status, level of education, employment history, criminal convictions, earning capacity, net worth, credit history, or any other general background or personal matters that may be relevant to our participants.  ABQ Speed Dating Events or our website abqspeeddatingevents.com does not perform any psychological or personality testing of participants.  It is up to you to clarify these issues to your own satisfaction.  Social events are arranged by considering age groups, but cannot assure this factor will be met. ABQ Speed Dating Events also cannot guarantee that participants will meet a mate, companion, significant other, or otherwise compatible individual.
ABQ Speed Dating Events or our website abqspeeddatingevents.com does not screen any individuals registering for services offered by ABQ Speed Dating Events or our website abqspeeddatingevents.com in any way.  As a result, ABQ Speed Dating Events or our website will not be liable for any damages, direct, indirect, incidental and/or consequential, arising out of the use of this service, including, without limitation, to damages arising out of communicating and/ or meeting with other participants of this service, or introduced to you via this service.  Such damages include, without limitation, physical damages, bodily injury and/or emotional distress and discomfort, loss of privacy, contracting any sexually transmitted disease, financial loss, and/or physical injury or death.   ABQ Speed Dating Events or our website abqspeeddatingevents.com is not liable for the integrity of statements made by participants as to their identity, marital status, and general background. It is incumbent and advised upon the user to verify any and all information relating to but not limited to this subject.  It is advised to check references of any participant.
You are solely responsible for your interactions with other ABQ Speed Dating Events (abqspeeddatingevents.com) participants.  ABQ Speed Dating Events (abqspeeddatingevents.com) has no obligation, to monitor and/or mediate disputes between you and other participants.
ABQ Speed Dating Events (abqspeeddatingevents.com) holds no responsibility whatsoever for the outcome of any relationship that may or may not develop between participants that meet as a result of an ABQ Speed Dating Events (abqspeeddatingevents.com) function.
ABQ Speed Dating Events (abqspeeddatingevents.com) reserves the right to refuse or prohibit individuals from attending events without cause or penalty.  In such an event ABQ Speed Dating Events (abqspeeddatingevents.com) will refund to the banned individual(s) any unused fees, less a processing charge.
ABQ Speed Dating Events (abqspeeddatingevents.com) is not responsible or liable for errors or omissions of any kind including any misinterpretation, error or omission of the participants Matching Sheet results. 
By using the abqspeeddatingevents.com website and/or attending ABQ Speed Dating Event functions, I understand that I will be using the service of ABQ Speed Dating Events (abqspeeddatingevents.com) entirely at my own risk and that ABQ Speed Dating Events (abqspeeddatingevents.com)  is not responsible for anything that may happen to me as a result of using ABQ Speed Dating Events (abqspeeddatingevents.com)  services.  Furthermore, participants agree to indemnify and hold harmless ABQ Speed Dating Events (abqspeeddatingevents.com) its officers, directors, shareholders, consultants, Event Coordinators, agents, venue owners, venue employees, direct employees, partners, affiliates, licensees and subsidiaries from any and all losses, claims, damages, expenses (including reasonable fees, disbursements, and other charges of Council), actions, proceedings, liabilities, or investigations (whether formal or informal), or threats thereof, based upon, relating to, or arising in connection with the participants attendance of any of ABQ  Speed Dating Events (abqspeeddatingevents.com) functions, any and all of the services that ABQ Speed Dating Events (abqspeeddatingevents.com)  provides or claims to provide, as well as well as communications or meetings that you arrange on your own volition and on your own time with others who have participated in a ABQ Speed Dating Events (abqspeeddatingevents.com) function.  Further, you agree not to initiate any claim whatsoever against ABQ Speed Dating Events (abqspeeddatingevents.com) as a result of any of our social gatherings or dating activities and you affirm that you take sole and complete responsibility for any and all actions that might occur during any meeting, communication or date.
ABQ Speed Dating Events (abqspeeddatingevents.com) keeps all information supplied by you confidential, including credit card data.  However, by User providing to ABQ Speed Dating Events (abqspeeddatingevents.com) user’s name, email address and/or telephone number while at an ABQ Speed Dating Events function or on the abqspeeddatingevent.com website, User authorizes ABQ Speed Dating Events and our website abqspeeddatingevents.com to release said information to other Users who you “match” with.  For more information on how ABQ Speed Dating Events (abqspeeddatingevents.com) handles information, you are encouraged to read Our Privacy Policy.
Participants of ABQ Speed Dating Events and abqspeeddatingevents.com must be 18 years or older.  Any and all information the User provides to ABQ Speed Dating Events or our website abqspeeddatingevents.com will be true, complete and correct in all aspects and material information will not be omitted User will obey all applicable laws and regulations while attending ABQ Speed Dating Events (abqspeeddatingevents.com) functions.
ABQ Speed Dating Events (abqspeeddatingevents.com) does not guarantee any frequency of events and attendees are solely responsible for choosing events that they are available for from the list posted on the web site.  Attendees are expected to act and behave as professionals. Attendees are encouraged to report to us any incidents of inappropriate behavior at any event by other participants.  Inappropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to, excessive alcohol consumption, use of illegal drugs, substance abuse, rude, lewd, profane, or other behavior not befitting a professional person, inappropriate attire, and violent, threatening, or abusive behavior at events.  If we receive 3 or more complaints that a particular attendee has engaged in inappropriate behavior at any one or more ABQ Speed Dating Events (abqspeeddatingevents.com) sponsored functions, the offending attendee will be removed form the event and banned from attending any and all future events.  In such a case no portion of the event fee will be refundable.
By completing the registration process for an ABQ Speed Dating Events (abqspeeddatingevents.com) event, User hereby agrees to pay the Event Fee charge shown on the payment page of the  abqspeeddatingevents.com web site or the cancellation fee (if applicable, as per ABQ Speed Dating Events/abqspeeddatingevents.com cancellation policy) and further affirms that User will not “charge back” or otherwise dispute the Event Fee regardless of whether or not the Participant receives any “matches” from the event or for any other reason.  If there is a dispute regarding payment or the services provided by ABQ Speed Dating Events (abqspeeddatingevents.com), User agrees to expeditiously contact ABQ Speed Dating Events at our website abqspeeddatingevents.com to resolve said dispute before escalating the dispute to User’s credit card company.
Participants agree not to market, solicit, advertise any products or services whatsoever to any participant during any ABQ Speed Dating Events (abqspeeddatingevents.com) function. 
User acknowledges that if he or she works for, is contracted by, or plans to work for or be contracted by any similarly competing service; user will not be able to attend any ABQ Speed Dating Events (abqspeeddatingevents.com) functions without the express permission of ABQ Speed Dating Events (abqspeeddatingevents.com) prior to registering.
User affirms that you have read and understand ABQ Speed Dating Events (abqspeeddatingevents.com)’s cancellation policy.
When you register for an ABQ Speed Dating Events function, you do so on the web site abqspeedatingevents.com.
If you have a complaint of any kind or comment, you may inform us of said complaint or comment by using the Contact Us button located on the web site.
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