ABQ Speed Dating Events - "Time To Find The One"
Q:  What is ABQ Speed Dating Events?
A:  ABQ Speed Dating Events is a speed dating company based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  ABQ Speed Dating Events organizes events that bring together busy single professionals for speed dating events in a comfortable fun and safe atmosphere.  
 Q:  How much is an ABQ Speed Dating Event cost?
A:  Our events are very affordable.  Currently, events are approximately $28.00 per event.  Some events will provide an appetizer platter for the participants at the event.  In which case, the event cost will increase slightly.  See event schedule and registration page for more details.
Q:  How long does each date last?
A: Each date is approximately 8 minutes long.  The entire event is less than two hours. 
Q:  Does ABQ Speed Dating Events do background checks?
A: Not we do not do background checks.  Please refer to our Disclaimer and Terms of Agreement page.
Q:  Where are ABQ Speed Dating Events held?
A: Venues will vary, but generally the events will take place in an upscale restaurant or quiet bar type atmosphere.  We try to hold the events in areas that are somewhat separated from the venue's regular patrons, so there is some degree of privacy.  Additionally, for safety reasons, holding events in public places is essential.
Q:  How will I know if I can still register for an upcoming event?
A:  If an event is posted on the website, there is still space available to register for it.  Once an event is full we will post a notice stating that the event is full, or partially full for a specific gender.  At that time you may contact us via our contact us page if you would like to be placed on a waiting list.  If a space becomes available, you will be notified that a space has become available.  Then you will need to complete your registration, and submit your payment to reserve your place for that event.
Q:  Will there always be at least 8 men and 8 women at an ABQ Speed Dating Event?
A: Once 8 men and 8 women have registered for an ABQ Speed Dating Event we send out confirmations.  There is a possibility, however, that a person who has been confirmed for an ABQ Speed Dating Event will “no show”, regardless of the fact that they will lose their $28.00 event fee.  Sometimes, we may find an individual at the actual event venue interested in participating in the event, therefore filling the empty spot.  However, this is not a guarantee.  Regardless, the event will still continue for the remainder of the participants. 
Q:  When will I find out if I have been confirmed for an ABQ Speed Dating Event?
A: Once you register and pay for an event you will be sent an initial confirmation that we received your information and payment. We begin sending out our final confirmations by email to those who have registered and payed for an event once we have reached our event minimum.   Our event minimum is 8 men and 8 women.  We cannot predict for sure when an individual will be confirmed for a particular event. 
Q:  What if I have registered for an ABQ Speed Dating Event and have also been confirmed but now I cannot attend?
A:  In order for our events to be enjoyable and successful for all participants, it is very important that we have an equal amount of men and women registered.  In order to achieve this, we do not give refunds.  For further information please see our Cancellation Policy page.
Q:  What happens if I show up late for an ABQ Speed Dating Event?
A: Late arrivals inconvenience the other people participating in the event.  We do encourage you to please be on time.  We do not give refunds to those people who arrive late.  If we have not replaced you we will try to work you in to the event if possible.  We recommend that participants try to arrive early.  Our venues are normally held in an upscale restaurant or bar type atmosphere so you can purchase yourself a drink and relax before the event begins.
Q:  How long after the event will I find out if I have any matches?
A: You will turn in your “Match Card” at the end of the ABQ Speed Dating Event.  Matches are then calculated by our staff.  You will receive an email of your matches within 48 hours of the event.
Q:  Is there anything I cannot talk about during an ABQ Speed Dating Event?
A: Yes, there are 3 topics that you are not allowed to discuss during an ABQ Speed Dating Event.
1.   You are not allowed to ask anyone their personal contact information. This includes their last name, phone number, e- mail address, business card, or their address.
2.   You cannot ask anyone if they would like to go on another date with you.
3.   You are not allowed to ask any sexually explicit questions, use fowl or lewd language, or say anything that may be interpreted as threatening or as sexual harassment.  We require that all participants be polite and respectful to one another.
Q:  Can ABQ Speed Dating Events guarantee that I will only meet people in the age range posted for the event?
A: No, ABQ Speed Dating Events does not check ID’s nor do we do background checks.  We do encourage people by posting the age range to register for the events that they will be the most compatible with.
Q:  If I do not get any matches from a prior event, can I go to the next event for free?
A: No, we cannot guarantee you will have a match.  However, there are ways to improve your chances of getting a match.  Some advice would include good grooming, good manners, stylish clothing, make eye contact, smile and be yourself.
Q:  What time do events start, what days are they held on, and how long do they last?
A: Events are held on a variety of different days and times.  Most events are held on days that are typically low volume days for the venue, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.  Please check the event postings on the website for more details.  A typical event with a minimum of eight to ten dates will last approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours.
Q: At the end of the event, I turned in my match card and put down someone’s name as a match, but now I have changed my mind.  Can you remove that person from my list of matches? 
A: Unfortunately, once you submit someone’s name, they cannot be removed.  You may however contact the person and tell them you have changed your mind.
Q:  Can I register and pay when I arrive at an ABQ Speed Dating Event?
A: No, to participate in an ABQ Speed Dating Event, advance registration and payment are required via abqspeeddatingevents.com.  
Q:  If I did not get a match with another participant will I still get an email?
A:  Yes, ABQ Speed Dating Events will still send you an email regardless of whether or not we have any matches to inform you of.
Q:  What should I talk about at an ABQ Speed Dating Event?
A:  It is a good idea to think about some general questions before the event.  There will also be several sample questions provided on the ABQ Speed Dating Match Card.
Q:  What if I do not own a computer?  Can I still attend an ABQ Speed Dating Event?
A:  Yes, in order to register for an ABQ Speed Dating Event you will need a computer with Internet access. Our website is abqspeeddatingevents.com.  In order for us to send you your confirmation for the event and any matches you make, you will need an email address.  You can access a computer with Internet access at a local library, Internet café, or even a friend or family member’s house.  You can sign up to get a free email address through Yahoo, MSN, and others.
Q:  How soon after I arrive to the event will the dating begin?
A:  We begin the event as soon as all of the participants have arrived. When you arrive please check in with the Event Organizer.  Then you may purchase a drink and mingle with others before the event begins.
Q:  Will there be enough men/women for me to meet?
A:  ABQ Speed Dating Events will have confirmed an equal number of men/women for each of its events.  However, there is a chance that a confirmed participant may not show up, regardless of losing their event fee.  This would make the event uneven by one or two.  We do try our best to ensure an equal number of men and women.
Q:  What methods of payment to you accept to register for an event?
A:  In order to register, ABQ Speed Dating Events accepts several methods of payment (including Visa, Master card, American Express, Discover etc.) on its website abqspeeddatingevents.com through Pay Pal, thereby ensuring your security.
Q:  Can I leave an event early? 
A:  Once you are confirmed to attend an ABQ Speed Dating Event you are strongly urged not to leave early.  If you do not stay for the duration of the event you will create an unequal number of men and women participants, this would leave many people without a date.  However, in the case of an emergency, please inform the Event Organizer that it is necessary that you leave.
Q:  Do you give refunds? 
A:  Once you are confirmed for an event, we do not offer refunds.  Refunds are not given because cancellations create uneven numbers at events and result in participants sitting alone during a round of dating and therefore denying individuals from meeting new people.
Q:  What information do you provide to the people I match with?
A:  The people that have matched with you will receive the email address that you provided when you registered for the ABQ Speed Dating Events.
Q:  Why is attending an ABQ Speed Dating Event better than Internet dating matching websites?
A:  There are several reasons why attending an ABQ Speed Dating Event is better than Internet dating matching websites:
  1. You get to see the actual person, face to face.  Internet dating sites allow members to post a picture of themselves, but you do not know how old the picture is, or even if it is really them!
  2. People who actually make the effort to look presentable and go to an ABQ Speed Dating Event are typically more confident, courageous, outgoing and serious about finding that special someone, then a person who stays at home and hides behind a computer screen. 
  3. If you are interested in someone from an Internet dating site, you will eventually need to confront visual first impressions, potential awkwardness on bill paying, and other situations you would not find during an eight minute ABQ Speed Dating Event. Participating in an ABQ Speed Dating event, therefore, saves valuable time, money, and awarkness....it is only eight minutes with one person!   
  4. Busy professionals typically, do not have time to go on several one on one “blind” Internet dates that could last hours, and result in an incompatible couple.  When you attend an ABQ Speed Dating Event you meet many people, in a safe, fun setting, for a low price, and if you are not interested you only spend minutes with the person and there are no awkward refusals or turn downs.
Q:  How exactly do ABQ Speed Dating Events work?  What exactly can I expect?
1.   First, we ask that all participants please arrive on time!  As soon as you arrive, please check in with the Event Organizer.  The Event Organizer will give you a name tag (first name only) and a number.  You will also receive an ABQ Speed Dating Events Match Card.  At this time you will be asked to sign an acknowledgment that you understand, and agree to all the terms and agreements posted on the ABQ Speed Dating Events website (abqspeeddatingevents.com).  A copy of these terms and agreements will be available at the event if you need to review them.
2.   While you are waiting  for the Event to begin, you may purchase a drink and mingle with other event participants.  The Event Organizer will let you know when the Event is about to begin.
3. At the beginning of the ABQ Speeding Dating event, the Event Organizer will review the rules, the procedures, and the exact details of how the event will proceed. 
4.   Everyone will be seated at a numbered table. To begin each date, write down the name and number of the person sitting across from you on your ABQ Speed Dating Events Match Card.  There will be some sample questions/topics on each card to keep the conversation flowing.  Try to learn enough about the person to decide if you would like to go on another date with them. Each date will last 8 minutes
5.   When the bell sounds, indicating the end of the date, take a moment to circle yes or no on your Match Card if you are interested in another date with this person. Men will move to the next table to begin the new date. The bell will ring again to announce the next date has started.
6.   Please keep in mind the rules of ABQ Speed Dating Events, to ensure that each ABQ Speed Dating Event participant is comfortable and relaxed.  Do not ask anyone for their last name, phone number, or a date.  Always be polite and respectful of others.
8.   At the end of the event, look over your Match Card and make sure you have circled yes or no for each potential match. Before you leave, be sure to give the Event Organizer your ABQ Speed Dating Events Match Card, as this is the only way we have to calculate your potential matches.
9.   You will be notified by email within 48 hours of the event with the names and email addresses of your matches.  If you match with someone we ask that the men or women contact each other within 48 hours of receiving the ABQ Speed Dating Event results. 
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